ILUMA LAMPS provide a versatile wireless lighting solution that can be used anywhere.  Used in Hotels, Venues, Restaurants, Bars, Pop Ups and Marquees, indoors or Al Fresco.  We are an event rental service to the UAE and also offer sales into Luxury Hotels and Venues.  We continue to add to our range to ensure there is a design perfect for each event that will shine and sit proudly in your event surroundings. 


The British designed battery packs and bulbs are dimmable and operate by remote control by utilising the latest quality technology from Japan and the Far East.  ILUMA LAMPS provide up to 20*hours of ambient light, offering five levels of intensity, from a subtle candlelight effect, up to the equivalent of 60watts output.  All components are fully accredited and hold the CE mark.  ILUMA LAMPS are extremely versatile and the battery packs and bulbs fit into most lamps, lanterns and indeed any container or luminary of your choice.  The lamps can be used inside or out, casting light up or down.  The light bulb lights up to a 3m.sq area and they are safe to use and present no pesky trip or fire hazards.


Innovative cordless lighting - no wires or sockets required
Freedom and flexibility to position anywhere - on tables, bars, reception desks or terraces
Warm ambient light (not cold LED light) that illuminates and flatters guests, flowers and food to the very best.
Remote Controlled.  Switch on/off or dim via one universal remote control.
Safe, no fire or trip hazards - no naked flame
Highest quality, reliable technology, specifically designed for the Event Industry, by Event Professionals
Contemporary and classic designs to compliment all event décors
Up to 20*hours of light equivalent to 60 watts output
Reduces set-up, breakdown costs and time
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  Both functional and decorative, ILUMA LAMPS will transform your event